About EduSystem

Edusystem provides teachers with digital curriculum content, a diverse selection of digital tools, and resources to help enrich the teaching and learning process.

What does EduSystem offer?

K-12 interactive content for Math, Science, Social Studies, History, Spanish, English, and electives.

Courses available in Spanish and English.

Over 80,000 digital resources.

Planning tools, content creation.

App for downloading content and offline use.

Printed workbooks of practice exercises for students.

Catalog to access lessons from other subject levels.

Chat feature between teacher and student.

* (Conditions apply)

Complementary Services

Use and management workshops for the administrative and teaching staff

Educational Consulting:
Onsight and remote educational support

Technical Support:
Technical assistance for the educational community

Curriculum Alignment:
Content alignment services following standards and expectations per subject matter and level

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Over 90 courses

Planning module

Apps for offline use

(Windows, iOS, macOS and Android)