Our English courses promote an understanding of the language arts and applies communication skills to reinforce understanding and analysis. These courses aim to provide the student with a series of learning experiences that lead them to master the language fluently. The courses encourage students to communicate in a creative and thoughtful way, molding them for their future endeavors.


Kinder - English K Guide-English-K.pdf
1st Grade - English 1 Guide-English-1.pdf
2nd Grade - English 2 Guide-English-2.pdf
3rd Grade - English 3 Guide-English-3.pdf
4th Grade - English 4 Guide-English-4.pdf
5th Grade - English 5 Guide-English-5.pdf
6th Grade - English 6 Guide-English-6.pdf
7th Grade - English 7 Guide-English-7.pdf
8th Grade - English 8 Guide-English-8.pdf
9th Grade - English 9 Guide-English-9.pdf
10th Grade - English 10 Guide-English-10.pdf
11th Grade - English 11 Guide-English-11.pdf
12th Grade - English 12 Guide-English-12.pdf