The Social Studies and History courses focus on analyzing the profound and monumental changes in history while giving insight on the role people assume in a new and challenging social context. The content elaborates on concepts such as identity, ethic and civic compromise, spatial organization, historical processes, economic organization, social structure, culture, technological society, and global relations.


Kinder - Social Studies K Guide-Social-Studies-K.pdf
1st Grade - Social Studies 1 Guide-Social-Studies-1.pdf
2nd Grade - Social Studies 2 Guide-Social-Studies-2.pdf
3rd Grade - Social Studies 3 Guide-Social-Studies-3.pdf
4th Grade - Social Studies 4 Guide-Social-Studies-4.pdf
5th Grade - Social Studies 5 Guide-Social-Studies-5.pdf
6th Grade - Social Studies 6 Guide-Social-Studies-6.pdf
A History of Latin America Guide-History-LatinAmerica.pdf
United States History Guide-UnitedStates-History.pdf
Kinder - Estudios Sociales K Guía-Estudios-Sociales-K.pdf
1er Grado - Estudios Sociales 1 Guía-Estudios-Sociales-1.pdf
2do Grado - Estudios Sociales 2 Guía-Estudios-Sociales-2.pdf
3er Grado - Estudios Sociales 3 Guía-Estudios-Sociales-3.pdf
4to Grado - Estudios Sociales 4 Guía-Estudios-Sociales-4.pdf
5to Grado - Estudios Sociales 5 Guía-Estudios-Sociales-5.pdf
6to Grado - Estudios Sociales 6 Guía-Estudios-Sociales-6.pdf
Historia de Puerto Rico 7 Guía-Historia-PuertoRico-7.pdf
Historia de América Latina Guía-Historia-AméricaLatina.pdf
Historia Mundial: Una mirada global Guía-Historia-Mundial.pdf
Historia de Puerto Rico 10 Guía-Historia-PuertoRico-10.pdf
Historia de Puerto Rico: Sociedad en Tránsito Guía-Sociedad-Tránsito .pdf
Historia de Estados Unidos Guía-Historia-EstadosUnidos.pdf