The Science courses encourage each student to build their own knowledge through the cognitive development of scientific concepts, principles, and laws. They promote logical and analytical thinking, interpretation and problem solving, and scientific research and experimentation. At the same time, they stimulate the study of different fields of science such as biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space sciences.


Kinder - Science K Guide-Science-K.pdf
1st Grade - Science 1 Guide-Science-1.pdf
2nd Grade - Science 2 Guide-Science-2.pdf
3rd Grade - Science 3 Guide-Science-3.pdf
4th Grade - Science 4 Guide-Science-4.pdf
5th Grade - Science 5 Guide-Science-5.pdf
6th Grade - Science 6 Guide-Science-6.pdf
Physical Science Guide-Physical-Science.pdf
Earth and Space Science Guide-Earth-Space-Science.pdf
Kinder - Ciencias K Guía-Ciencias-K.pdf
1er Grado - Ciencias 1 Guía-Ciencias-1.pdf
2do Grado - Ciencias 2 Guía-Ciencias-2.pdf
3er Grado - Ciencias 3 Guía-Ciencias-3.pdf
4to Grado - Ciencias 4 Guía-Ciencias-4.pdf
5to Grado - Ciencias 5 Guía-Ciencias-5.pdf
6to Grado - Ciencias 6 Guía-Ciencias-6.pdf
Ciencias Biológicas Guía-Ciencias-Biológicas.pdf
Ciencias Físicas Guía-Ciencias-Físicas.pdf
Ciencias Terrestres y del Espacio Guía-Ciencias-Terrestres.pdf
Ciencias Ambientales Guía-Ciencias-Ambientales.pdf